Enrollment Growth That's Focused on the Entire Student Lifecycle

We're in the midst of a fundamental change in higher education. Traditional, geography-based recruiting areas of schools are diminishing due to emerging technologies and academic delivery models. The value and rising costs of education is under scrutiny, not only by policymakers, but prospective students and their families across the country. And to compound matters, geographic population trends indicate declining demand in higher education will continue for the foreseeable future.

Schools that find success in this changing world will be ones who focus on better reaching and communicating to students during all phases of their journey—from delivering personal, relevant communications to prospective students during their school search to staying engaged with accepted applicants during the enrollment process; then ensuring effective retention systems and career tools are available to ensure their success in the classroom and the workplace.

At Collegis Education, we help schools take a more holistic approach to improving student outcomes and generating enrollment growth. Our Collegis Enrollment Growth Management and Retention (CEGMR)—a proprietary suite of solution sets—uses a portfolio-based approach that factors in the lifetime value of students. By combining data insights with your institution's value proposition, we generate a spectrum of highly relevant touch points across the entire student lifecycle, from the time a prospective student begins their college search to the moment they start their career.

Our model merges the expertise of our people with proprietary technology and analytics to dramatically impact enrollment, and we have the success stories to prove it.

Powering Education Solutions.

Our Customers Say

“The team at Collegis Education brings a level of attention and detail to the work they do for Rasmussen College that's unlike any partner we have. What they deliver is more than marketing and analytics; they are an extension of our team and integrate themselves into our daily operations in order to understand and develop solutions for our underlying business needs.”

— Kristi A. Waite, President, Rasmussen College