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Considering the entire student lifecycle, we offer a unique set of solutions that focus on the areas of greatest opportunity to impact your school's enrollment.


Connect with More Prospective Students During the College Search

It should come as no surprise that the college decision is now digital. Students are increasingly researching and engaging with schools in the online space—from exploring college websites to utilizing social media platforms. During the early stages of their college search, students first look to get a better understanding of the areas that are most important to them, such as the range of programs offered, tuition and financial aid options, quality of the institution and career placement opportunities.

Our marketGAIN solution takes a portfolio-based approach to balance your digital marketing strategies—from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Database Marketing to Inbound Content and Search Engine Marketing to help engage students during this critical stage of their college search. By integrating your institution's value proposition with an efficient multichannel approach, we can help your school rapidly engage with and attract highly qualified prospective students. And most importantly, make that early connection when and where it matters most.


Convert Student Enrollments with a Nurturing Approach

The time it takes from when a student first inquires to making their final decision offers a significant opportunity to set your school apart from other options under consideration. While the school selection process can take months, if not years, students use this time to fully-vet all the options under consideration and determine the best fit.

Our enrollASSIST solution helps schools form strong and genuine relationships with students. We use relevant and timely communications to support their decision, while also continuing to utilize search engine marketing strategies to keep your institution front-and-center in their minds during the process. Our market-leading admissions support program and database marketing strategies balance face-to-face interactions with efficient, relevant automated communications. This proven approach is designed to enhance your existing admissions process, and ultimately increase conversions and yield. At its essence, enrollASSIST helps nurture students through the entire selection process all the way to enrollment and beyond.


Supporting Students Through Their Entire Journey

Unfortunately, many students face obstacles on the path to graduation—from adapting to the challenges of the college environment to ensuring they have the critical skills employers are seeking in the workplace. For schools, they have their own set of obstacles; it can be difficult to identify the students who need extra help along the way to graduation, as well as prepare students with the interviewing and job search skills needed to land that first position.

studentSUCCESS supports students from the moment they start classes to the time they begin their career. Our proprietary automated outreach program helps schools optimize retention processes, and quickly and effectively communicate to students who need the most help to stay on track. Utilizing real-time analytics from your existing systems. our approach monitors and analyzes student behavior to deliver automated outreach using personalized communications to intervene and support the most at-risk students. And as students approach graduation, our Virtual Career Center provides an engaging, game-based platform to learn all the critical components of the job search—from career assessment tools to interactive labs on resume building and interviewing techniques. We’re here to help support your students throughout the entire journey.

Support Across the Student Lifecycle

  1. marketGAIN

    • Database Marketing
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Search Management
  2. enrollASSIST

    • Portfolio Management
    • Admissions Support
    • Student Outreach Manager
    • Database Marketing
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Search Management
  3. studentSUCCESS

    • Virtual Career Center
    • Outreach Automation
    • Retention Process Optimization

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“The team at Collegis Education brings a level of attention and detail to the work they do for Rasmussen College that's unlike any partner we have. What they deliver is more than marketing and analytics; they are an extension of our team and integrate themselves into our daily operations in order to understand and develop solutions for our underlying business needs.”

— Kristi A. Waite, President, Rasmussen College